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A Bad Marriage, Gone Good

Deciding to practice kindness without regard to who deserves it builds our own self love!

Practice Kindness
Selfish Kindness – Part 2

Scripture Reading: Proverbs 11:17

A kind man benefits himself,
but a cruel man brings trouble on himself.

Yesterday we started to understand how good it is to us personally to be a person of kindness. Our scripture assures us that we benefit by our own kindness. Today I want to look at some of these benefits.

One benefit that is obvious is how it makes us feel about ourselves. The Bible tells us that it is more blessed to give than receive. It feels good to be a generous and kind person. Jesus reminded his followers that we should love others as we love ourselves. The problem I see is that so many people these days don’t love themselves! Deciding to practice kindness without regard to who deserves it will build our own self love!

Another benefit to acting out kindness is the atmosphere it creates around us. Proverbs 15:1 tells us that “harshness” creates an atmosphere of anger and ill will. All of us would rather live in an atmosphere of peace and harmony. Our world and our humanness may not allow “peace and harmony” to rule all the time, but a person who determines to be kind will benefit from a more pleasant atmosphere than those who spew unkind and harsh words.

        A third benefit that returns to a kind person is the healing of the heart. Two people who have fallen victim to harsh and hurtful communication need a healing salve placed on their hearts. Acting out kindness (even if we don’t feel it), begins to heal both hearts involved in the relationship.

Father, kindness is so powerful and brings such wonderful benefits, please help me to leave the worldly ways of dealing with conflict. I ask this in Jesus’ Name, amen.