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The Peace Filled Life

Studying God’s Word and praying daily is the proper work needed to prepare for our tests!

Why Testing? Part 3

Scripture Reading: James 3:9-12

Key Verse: Job 1:11

But stretch out your hand and strike everything he has, and he will surely curse you to your face.”

We stopped yesterday’s devotional speaking of what kind of words come out of our mouth during a season of testing. Yesterday we talked about failing a test which was allowed by God, by literally cursing and using crude language. Let’s take this one step further. Some of us may have so disciplined ourselves that we don’t allow actual cursing to slip, but our “respectable” words are dripping with faithless, bad attitudes. The Apostle James says, “Praising and cursing should not come out of the same mouth,” but he would agree that God looks at the heart, knows the condition of our attitudes and judges accordingly! We must be careful to keep our self- talk, that no one can hear but God, under the Spirit’s control. For example, when I call a person a jerk because he did something crazy on the freeway, God hears those thoughts or words, even when no one else does.

         Our story of Job gives us the proper response to all our testing: he “worshiped.” Yes, after losing everything, verse 20 of chapter 1 tells us that Job fell to the ground to worship. Sound impossible? No, Job knew God enough to not accuse Him falsely! Do you know God enough to praise Him rather than curse Him during a testing period? The key to passing all tests is doing the proper work between the tests. Studying God’s Word and praying daily is the proper work needed to prepare for our tests!

Father, I want to pass all tests that you allow to come my way. Please remind me to prepare properly every day! In Jesus’ Name, amen.