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We should live today with a sense of our Father’s generosity and relax in His care for our every need!

Less Fret, More Faith
Our Generous Father

Scripture Reading: Matthew 7:7-12

Key Verse: Matthew 7:11

If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!

Jesus came to earth to accomplish two major objectives. First, and most importantly, to redeem (buy back) lost humanity. Second, Jesus wanted to paint a clear picture of our Father God. Both these objectives will reduce stress in the lives of those who choose to believe in the words and works of Jesus Christ.

Our salvation has no stress on us to receive this gift of God. We are not asked to work for it, pay for it, nor earn it in any way. It is truly a gift of God. We are challenged to receive it by faith. I doubt that over this past Christmas season that when you received a gift from someone that you felt a sense of stress. No, receiving a gift is a wonderful experience of someone’s love being expressed. All other religions lay a burden on the followers to earn, in some way, the redemption of their soul. Now that is stress! God, through Christ, offers to us a stress-free plan of salvation.

Secondly, Jesus made it very clear who God is and how He treats those who believe. In our scripture for today, we see what a generous Father we serve. All of us parents know the joy of giving our children some special gifts and watching them scream with excitement. Our Father gets this same thrill by being generous to us—His children. He loves to give you His good gifts. This isn’t a picture of a stress-filled life. We should live today with a sense of our Father’s generosity and relax in His care for our every need!

Father, I don’t thank you enough for my stress-free life. Forgive me when I allow myself to get stressed out! I praise you for your care for me! In Jesus’ Name, amen.