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How to Hear From God

God has a communication staff; trained, gifted and ready to go

Ways to Listen to God
God’s Communication Staff – Part 1

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 4:11 LB

Some of us have been given special ability as apostles; to others he has given the gift of being able to preach well; some have special ability in winning people to Christ, helping them to trust him as their Savior; still others have a gift for caring for God’s people as a shepherd does his sheep, leading and teaching them in the ways of God.

November is a month of learning to hear from God. Today it should be good news to us to know that God has a communication staff; trained, gifted and ready to go. This is another indicator of how deeply God wants to speak to us.

Our scripture for today gives us detail on how this works. According to God’s wisdom, He chooses the people that He sees best for this staff. After God chooses His staff, He gives them special abilities to accomplish the task of communicating. God may use those who, within their human talents, are good in this area. This is not always the case. For some have been chosen and gifted in communication that had no human talent in this area. God’s ways are higher than our ways, past finding out. He has the right and the wisdom to choose as He decides!

This communication staff is made up of preachers, evangelists and shepherd pastors. (Teaching fits into these three areas in various ways and purposes.) This staff serves God by translating divine truth into understandable and practical messages. Even though the Bible is available to all people and can speak to all people, God chooses to give His staff a special ability to bring the application of God’s Word to those who listen. When a member of God’s communication staff stands before you to teach or preach, be sure to listen as if God is speaking; He is!

Father, thank you for your great desire to speak to me. Help me to listen and obey when one of your chosen is speaking! In Jesus’ Name, amen.