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A Bad Marriage, Gone Good

Hit or miss practices don’t accomplish the bonding that is so critical in a marriage

Bonding Rituals

Scripture Reading: Proverbs 5:21-22

For a man’s ways are in full view of the Lord,
and he examines all his paths.
The evil deeds of a wicked man ensnare him;
the cords of his sin hold him fast.

A path is created when one or more people continually walk the same trail. A path is really a result of a habit…someone got into a habit of walking the trail over and over. Our scripture for today reminds us that the Lord is examining our paths. Our habits and practices are in full view of the Lord. “Full view” indicates that God misses nothing!

As we think about bonding rituals, we must realize they are “paths” put in place for a good marriage. Webster uses words like: formal practice; custom; prescribed order and regular behavior to define “rituals.” We can never have a path or a ritual if we operate in a haphazard way. Hit or miss practices won’t accomplish the bonding that is so critical in a marriage.

If someone videotaped you and your spouse’s “paths” as a couple over a six-month time period, what consistent and regular behavior would be evident? What have you put into practice to the point that it is a “custom” that creates a positive bond for your marriage?

Melanie and I never have to ask “if” we are doing our Friday night date night. We do have to talk when rare exceptions pop up that are unavoidable. It is our custom to reserve that night for us! What paths of yours is God examining?

Father, help my marriage to grow into a powerful testimony of your grace and help. Show us the paths to take – In Jesus’ Name, amen.