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Three Stumbling Blocks

God wants us to trust Him for our daily provisions, not ourselves and what we can accumulate

Don’t Hoard

Scripture Reading: Luke 12:22-26

Key Verse: Luke 12:22

Then Jesus said to his disciples: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear.

Continuing my thoughts from yesterday’s devotional, trust is another characteristic of a person who is not allowing their life to be centered around materialism! God wants us to trust Him for our daily provisions, not ourselves and what we can accumulate. If a person is consumed with concern (worry) over what is going to happen to their stuff, it’s a good indicator of what their life is centered around. It’s a given that we must be responsible people, working hard to provide for our families. But God the Holy Spirit is faithful to help us know when we’ve crossed over the line of providing into hoarding!

The blessed farmer, described in yesterday’s scripture, took what God had provided and built bigger barns to hoard it all for himself. It was clear that he was consciously thinking about this decision, according to Luke 12:17: “he thought to himself, what shall I do… ” It’s my opinion that God will cause us to stop and ask that same question. When He does make us think about it, it will usually be because He wants us to share our blessings with someone else! I doubt that God would cause someone to stop to think about how much he has been blessed, simply to hoard more for himself!

When we have been blessed beyond our basic needs for survival, we should be ready for a nudge from the Holy Spirit. God may want you to bless another child of His!

Father, my ears are open and my heart is yours. Use me today to bless someone of your choosing. In Jesus’ Name, amen.