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Change Your Future

Our failures can become building blocks to a life of success in Jesus Christ!

Redefining Failure
Making Failure Final

Scripture Reading: Matthew 27:1-10

Key Verse: Matthew 27:5

So Judas threw the money into the temple and left. Then he went away and hanged himself.

The apostles Peter and Judas had similar experiences with failure. They both knew and walked with Jesus and they both failed Him miserably. (Maybe you and I should admit we belong to Peter and Judas’ “club”!) The difference between Peter and Judas is in how they handled their failures. Peter wept bitterly, tears of repentance. Judas may have wept bitterly, but decided his future was hopeless and hanged himself.

The scripture doesn’t tell us all of Peter’s mindset, but I believe he clung to Jesus’ promise to come back to them after three days in the tomb. I believe Peter’s faith withstood his own failure and trusted the love and compassion he saw so consistently in Jesus! Peter’s faith and hope in Jesus’ forgiveness kept him from making his failure final! It was revealed to the prophets, years before, that Judas would choose the path of finalizing his failure!

In our human condition, I am sure we cannot eliminate our spiritual failures in this life. I am also sure that we have a choice on how we handle these failures when they come. Just because your “judgment” fails, at times, doesn’t mean your faith needs to fail. In fact, if we choose Peter’s “faith path,” we’ll redefine failure altogether in our lives. As we claim promises like Romans 8:28 – “all things work together for good for us who love God,” we realize failure never needs to be final. In fact, failures can become building blocks to a life of success in Jesus Christ!

Father, I am comforted by your compassion and care for me – even when I stumble. Grant me strength to receive your forgiveness and keep growing! In Jesus’ Name, amen.