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When anger is not under control, the devil can freely do his destructive work in our lives

Keep Your Cool
Anger Subdued – Part 1

Scripture Reading: James 4:7-11

Key Verse: James 4:7

So humble yourselves before God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

In today’s key verse James 4:7 we are told to submit to God. The Greek word the Apostle James used was “hupotarro,” which literally means to be under someone’s authority; to be subdued voluntarily. Our anger is a symptom of an emotion that has not been subdued. When a person allows their anger to take control, people are hurt and God is grieved. Our scripture is telling us to submit to God—to come under obedience to the Spirit God. We are to voluntarily be subdued by the very presence of the Holy Spirit within us.

Our verse also includes the fact that the devil must be resisted. When anger is not under control, the devil can freely do his destructive work in our lives. The devil has one goal for every born again believer: Destroy their joy and wipe out their influence on others. Out of control anger will do both; we feel defeated and we hurt our influence for Christ. God wants to help us control our anger. We can’t help it when someone or something makes us feel angry. We can help how we express that anger. People who act like they can’t control their anger don’t truly examine their lives. If they truly want to keep their jobs, for example, they control their anger at work. However, at home they let their anger take over because they are no longer as motivated to control it. It’s all about how motivated we are when it comes to self-control. (Continued)

Father, I want to voluntarily be subdued by you. I surrender my life to your control. In Jesus’ name, amen.