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Go Fish

It is a mature believer’s responsibility to disciple new believers with encouragement

Cleaning Fish – Best Practices
Please Others – Part 1

Scripture Reading: Romans 15:1-7

Key Verse: Romans 15:2

Each of us should please his neighbor for his good, to build him up.

A second “best practice” when it comes to dicipling new believers is to look for ways to build them up; encourage them often. In our Key Verse for today, it tells us that we should “please” our neighbor in order to build him up! In other words, we need to be on the lookout for ways to help them get through the early stages of their new life in Christ! We all know that the devil is never pleased when a person says “yes” to the claims of Christ! The evil one attacks these new believers, wanting to destroy their faith. It is a mature believer’s responsibility to disciple them with encouragement.

It is so easy to get focused on our own life and happiness. We can always find reasons to please ourselves—as the apostle put it. As C. S. Lewis put it: It’s not that we should think less of ourselves, but simply less about ourselves. We can rejoice at what God has accomplished in us and through us. However, we must guard against thinking too much about ourselves and our needs.

Who should you email or call today to check up on? Who might need an encouraging word from you? It’s a simple practice but essential: Please others.

Father, I will need you to remind me often to stay focused on others and their needs! In Jesus ‘name, amen.