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Get Smart January 2019

God’s commands are out of love and protection for us…will you follow them?

What Keeps You from Sinning?

Scripture Reading: Exodus 20:1-20

Key Verse: Exodus 1:20

Moses said to the people, “Do not be afraid. God has come to test you, so that the fear of God will be with you to keep you from sinning.”

I’ve often said that the Israelites were a “hot mess!” As God was giving them great protection through precise instruction, they never seemed to follow for long, they so frequently returned to their old ways. The truth is we are not any different. The sting of this truth played out in our own lives should cause us to pause and ask, “why?” Although there are many factors that contribute to repetitive sins, at the root of it is an unchanged heart. Don’t you wish that when someone apologized to you, it was always an “honest apology?” This is because we know the difference. Sometimes it’s apparent in the language or even the body language when given. An honest, heartfelt apology brings change. So, it goes when we confess our sins and apologize to God. He already knows if we are really kneeling in reverence and repentance or defiantly “still standing” in our hearts. Just going through the motions in our faith and daily time with God accomplishes nothing without an honest heart before him. His commands are out of love and protection for us. We must decide that He is and will be Lord in our lives daily and seek His will and follow it in order to have a lasting victory over the sin that rules us!

Lord, today I come before you in honest repentance. Search me now for you know me best. Help me to not only confess, but to lose the grip on those things that are sinful in my life through an honest turning away from them. Replace them with things that are eternal.