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God Asks: Deal or No Deal?

Prayer time versus other things is a hard choice that confronts most followers of Christ

Hard Choices

Scripture Reading: Luke 22:39-45

Key Verse: Luke 22:46

“Why are you sleeping?” he asked them. “Get up and pray so that you will not fall into temptation.”

Many times the hardest choice we make is whether to pray or not. It seems odd to make that statement because, according to the Bible, much good comes from prayer. Prayer is not exactly labor intensive. It’s talking to God. Why do we struggle to pray? Why is it such a hard choice to make in our day?

The disciples seemed so determined to stick with Jesus. They were talking about the battle that was ahead of them. They showed Jesus two swords that they had ready to defend Jesus. But when it came to doing what Jesus said really needed done—prayer—they failed. Our Key Verse for today lets us know that they chose sleep over prayer.

Have you ever chosen sleep over prayer? I would guess most of us have. If not sleep, maybe you chose busyness over prayer. “There is so much to do”—you’ve reasoned with yourself. “I’ll have to pray later,” you concluded, but seldom really do. Has television or movies ever been substituted for prayer time? Again, too many of us are guilty as charged.

Yes, prayer time versus other things is probably a hard choice that confronts most followers of Christ. The evil one makes sure it is a hard choice, hoping we’ll not choose prayer. Satan knows the power of prayer is a mighty weapon against his attacks. It probably won’t be easy, but choose prayer. It will turn out to be a great deal!

Father, remind me today to take time with you, to refuse the allurement of other things to steal that opportunity to know you better. In Jesus’ Name I pray, amen.