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The Abundant Life

Accept and experience God’s forgiveness when you feel true guilt over a real sin

The Lifestyles of the Healed and Healthy
The Promise of Comfort

Scripture: Matthew 5:4

Blessed are those who mourn,
for they will be comforted.

Jesus makes us a promise in this second beatitude. He tells us that comfort will always follow mourning! I love Webster’s words to define comfort: “well-being; ease; consolation; means of satisfaction; soothe; cheer; gladden; console.” These words all describe what God does in the hearts of those that truly mourn.

If you are feeling bad about yourself today because of a sin you committed, say “Thank you, Lord.” True guilt over a real sin is exactly what you should be experiencing. When you can commit a real sin against God and not feel bad, that is when you are in trouble. Those who have seared their conscience and no longer mourn over a moral failure are in grave danger of never experiencing the comfort God longs to give!

The lifestyles of the healed and healthy are characterized by the on-going comfort given to them by God. Christ followers have their well-being given to them by the merits of Jesus Christ. We can’t earn comfort – it is a gift of God, through Jesus Christ His Son. But, just as forgiveness follows our repentance, so comfort follows our mourning!

If you have little or no mourning over your sin, I have these suggestions. First, ask God to re-sensitize your heart. Secondly, read Psalm 52 and look at what happens to those who sin with no remorse. Finally, get alone with God and seek Him with all your heart. Even if your emotions aren’t there, do the work and God will honor it.

Father, thank you for your comfort. Please instill that well-being and ease into my life! With your help, I will live worthy of the calling today! In Jesus’ Name, amen.