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Replace the “give me more” prayers with “thanks for what we have”!

When We Are Thankful

Scripture Reading: Psalm 147:1-6

Key Verses: Psalm 147:7a & Psalm 147:11a

Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving
… the Lord delights in those who fear him

In the Bible the word fear is often used as an emotion of deep respect and awe. “Fear the Lord” is a phrase that references those who come to know God and understand who He is. Praise and thanksgiving are words used hundreds of times to describe how people in the Bible responded to God. Yes, we delight God when we are thankful, when we reverence Him as He deserves.

As we think about how to delight God, we must examine how often we express our gratitude to Him. If we are going to delight Him, we must hold Him in reverence and awe! God deserves daily prayers that are full of praise and thanksgiving. Allowing our lives to be so busy that we fail to take time for these praise-filled prayers is unacceptable! In the Old Testament, God’s people set aside times in a day that they all prayed together, wherever they were. Though this practice carried on in the New Testament, it wasn’t long before believers turned from this legalism to praying continuously. This freedom to pray anywhere and anytime must not turn into a license to go for days without prayer. God deserves better and is delighted with those who are careful to always take time for prayer and praise. Psalm 149:4 lets us know that the Lord delights in His people and the people rejoice in their Maker!

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, let’s start now being more disciplined in our praise-filled prayers. Make a real effort to replace the “give me more” prayers with the “thanks for what we have” prayers! That will delight God!

Father, I am blessed with so much. Thank you for attending to all my needs and many of my wants! You are good…all the time! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.