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Three Stumbling Blocks

Jesus taught that God holds us responsible to properly handle whatever amount of money we’ve been given


Scripture Reading: Luke 16:8-12

Key Verse: Luke 16:11

So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches?

I am not sure there is a more powerful statement about money in the Bible than today’s Key Verse. Look at its detail: First, Jesus is telling us that God puts on each of us the responsibility to manage our material resources. The amount of our resources is not the point. Jesus’ teaching lets us know that God is holding us responsible to properly handle whatever amount we’ve been given.

Secondly, God will reward proper handling of material resources. If we do a good job managing what we have now, God will grant us more in our future. God is not interested in keeping His children poor. In fact, I believe it is just the opposite. I believe God would love to touch our lives with abundant favor when it comes to material things.

Third, this chapter teaches us that worldly wealth is not true wealth in God’s economy! The point for God is all about our heart, not our wallets! Our bank accounts can be full or empty; God is looking at the deep passions and desires that drive us. In other words, I want to have financial freedom. That “want” is not wrong unless it grows into a passion that surpasses my passion for God and a holy lifestyle. When I’m willing to cut corners in ethics, turn my head from hurting people, give God tokens instead of his tithe (10%), then I am unworthy of more favors from God. Are you trustworthy with material possessions?

Father, create in me a deep passion for you and your values. I give you permission to do what needs to be done to make that happen in me. I pray in Jesus’ Name, amen.