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How to Hear From God

A hard heart is unwilling and unable to hear a Word from God

Keys to Listening
Impacted Hearts

Scripture Reading: Luke 8:12

Those along the path are the ones who hear, and then the devil comes and takes away the word from their hearts, so that they may not believe and be saved.

As we prepare our hearts to listen for God’s voice, we come to the first step in the process: Cultivating a receptive heart that is open to receive God’s Word!

Jesus is using the parable of the farmer throwing seed to help us understand these steps. The first analogy Jesus used was “some seed fell on the path.” In Jesus’ day, people walked everywhere. There were very few other options. They walked where others had walked before, thus creating paths—hardened ground—packed down by hundreds of feet! These paths were beside a farmer’s plot of land, where crops grew for their survival. As the farmer threw his seed in the spring, some seed would naturally fall on these hardened walkways. Jesus is using a very common event that people could readily picture! As people walked along, they would feel the crunch of seed under their feet. Jesus said this picture represents God’s Word falling on hard hearts. A teacher teaches, a preacher preaches, and some people hear their words, but these words have no impact on their lives. These people are so ingrained in their lifestyles of sin they don’t want to change and refuse to listen to any Word from God!

If you are reading this but you are truly not interested, for whatever reason, in the things of God, here is a warning! Don’t go another day without asking God to soften your heart. Plead with God to give you a willing and open heart to hear His truth and obey it. A hard heart is unwilling and unrepentant; that is serious!

Father, I’m willing to be made willing! Do your good work in me; burn away the hard heartedness, I ask in Jesus’ Name, amen.