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Three Stumbling Blocks

Money will keep some people out of Heaven; be sure to direct your devotion to God and God alone!

Doing it Right

Scripture Reading: Psalm 24:1-6

Key Verse: Luke 16:11

So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches?

After reading yesterday’s devotional, it seems to me that the logical question would be: how do I do it right? In other words, how do we manage our material possessions so that God judges us faithful and trustworthy? Let me give you my evaluation of what Luke 16 tells us: Be shrewd. Webster says that that means “discerning awareness” or “common sense.” The man in Jesus’ parable gave serious attention to his financial situation and acted accordingly! To be faithful in the handling of worldly wealth, God expects us to give it serious attention. That doesn’t mean that we are consumed by it, but it does mean we give our finances regular attention. Creating a budget and being careful to live within that budget would be a good start!

Be honest. The second thing that is very clear in Luke 16:10 is that God expects our financial dealings to be totally honest and ethical. Taking money without reporting it to the IRS or cutting corners in filling out your tax forms are two examples of dishonesty. God will never bless us with more when we are dishonest with what we have now!

Be devoted. Finally, Luke 16 teaches us that we must direct our devotion to God, not money. We can’t love God and money equally; one will suffer. Which one suffers in your life? Money really is a major stumbling block to many people. It will keep some people out of Heaven. Be sure to direct your devotion to God and God alone!

Father, if my loyalty is not completely yours, please point it out. I will repent! I need money, but don’t let me love it more than I love you. In Jesus’ Name, amen.