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How to be Led by God

Since we believe God’s timing is perfect, why do we worry and fret over “timing” issues?

Ask and Wait
In His Word

Scripture: Psalm 130:5

I wait for the Lord, my soul waits,
and in his word I put my hope.

I want to look again at David’s words in the verse we’ve read for yesterday and today. Look at the second phrase: “in his word, I put my hope.” That phrase represents a key secret to learning the art of waiting on the Lord. Being good at waiting goes way beyond simply “passing time” until an answer comes. It certainly goes beyond “whining” during the “waiting.” As we learn to wait, we must first learn to trust. Trust in God… trust in His promises… trust in the words of Life found in the Bible – are essential elements to waiting. There is little honor to God when, while we wait, we worry and fret the entire time.

Asking God for direction is, indeed, the first step in being led by God. We must quickly follow that request with faith that God heard us and will respond. This style of waiting includes a positive expectation from God. As David said: “I put my hope.” Hope is that inner confidence that it is not “if” God will show me the way… because I know He will. The only question is “when!” Since we believe His timing is perfect, why would we worry and fret over “timing” issues… God won’t be late!

During our “waiting” we ought to do much praising and singing. We must replace thoughts of doubt or fear with thoughts of hope and belief. During our waiting, we must be sure to keep God’s Word close by… read His promises often. Resist the evil one and he will flee!

Father, I’m not sure when but I am sure that you will be my guiding light and the director of my journey…I am grateful. In Jesus’ Name, amen.