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Getting Good with Change

Are the boundaries of your comfort zone changing before your eyes? Start a new plan, the Lord will help!

Change Demands a Plan
Moving On… Moving Out

Scripture Reading: Acts 2:42-47

Key Verse: Acts 2:46

Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts,

The passage of scripture that I have suggested for our additional reading for today is one of the best snap shots of the early days of the church. Please understand what a change this was in the lifestyle of these people. They were, undoubtedly, Jews who had left their traditions to follow the life-giving teachings of Jesus. This passage describes a new way of walking through a day. It was very different than their previous lifestyle. Change — drastic change — had come upon them.

As they moved on with their lives, many had to move out of their comfort zone. They put together a plan to meet with other new believers. They helped each other survive by selling possessions and contributing the proceeds to the group. They were meeting, both in their homes and the temple courts, on a regular basis, to keep each other encouraged. It was a good plan.

But, as we follow this group of believers, change came upon them again. Persecution broke out against them; they were no longer enjoying the “favor of all the people.” They were put in jail, forced to run for their lives, moved to new neighborhoods and new towns. We can imagine that it was tough, but God was faithful, and the church grew, and the good news spread everywhere because of these changes!

Is God making some changes? Are your comfort zone boundaries changing before your eyes? It’s okay; start a new plan. The Lord is nearby!

Father, I would never vote for these changes to come into my life, but I will put a new plan together and move on to the places you are leading. Grant me peace I pray In Jesus’ Name, amen.