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Get Smart January 2019

Know what God hates so that we can love Him and grow strong in our walk with Him

God Hates What?
God Hates and Detests?

Scripture Reading: Proverbs 6:16-19, Philippians 2:1-11

Key Verses: Proverbs 6:19, Philippians 2:8

There are six things the Lord hates, seven that are detestable to him.” It’s crazy to think about the idea of God hating something isn’t it? I don’t know about you but even saying those words out loud feels wrong for some reason. I think it’s because we so associate God, as we should, with being a God of love, mercy and grace, which He IS all those things; but rarely do we want to talk about the things that God doesn’t like. In fact, they are not just things He doesn’t like; there are things He DETESTS and HATES.

When I first started dating my wife, I remember asking her about her likes and dislikes. I remember hearing all the things she loved and was passionate about as well as the things she hated and didn’t like at all. As we were dating, I was VERY aware not to take her on dates or activities that included those things that she hated or didn’t like. Why? Because I love her. I want to make her happy. I want to do the things she loves, and I want to avoid the things she hates. It should be the same way in our relationship with God, right? We should care about the things God loves, yes, but we should also care enough to know and avoid the things He hates.

So, what are the things He hates? Can we avoid them? How do we avoid them? This passage of scripture is tough, but I challenge you to journey with me as we explore the things God hates so that we can love Him and grow deeper in our relationship with Him.