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Teach Us to Pray - July 2019

The model prayer that Jesus taught His followers to pray includes the concept of forgiveness

Prayer Establishes Our Reconciliation with God

Scripture Reading: Matthew 6:14-15

Key Verse: Matthew 6:12

Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.

For the next seven days we are going to look at forgiveness, as taught in the Bible. There are many opinions, other than that of the Bible, that speak of forgiveness. Alcoholics Anonymous includes forgiveness as part of the healing process. Everyone seems to have an opinion of what forgiveness is, but what can we trust as an accurate one?

The model prayer that Jesus taught His followers to pray includes this concept of forgiveness. In fact, after Jesus finished teaching this prayer, he made one further comment on the prayer. Of all the aspect of this model prayer, Jesus chose forgiveness to highlight. In our suggested additional reading section for today, you will read that Jesus tells us a stunning fact: “if we don’t forgive another person, our heavenly Father will not forgive our sins.” Wow! Does that ever put a heavy emphasis on forgiveness! We need to take a very serious look at this concept of forgiveness.

We are not left without an example of forgiveness from which to learn. Jesus practiced forgiveness, modeling exactly how it should be done. When Jesus was beaten and hung on a crude cross to die, He looked at those who had treated Him that way and said: “Father, forgive them.” Jesus understood people so well that He forgave and prayed for them! Let’s follow the model.

Father, you know me better than I know myself. I will need your help in this area of forgiveness. Grant me grace, In Jesus’ Name, amen.