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How to be Used by God

If God keeps nudging you toward a ministry that seems beyond your capabilities, trust Him

Trust God’s Opinion
I Can

Scripture Reading: Philippians 4:4-9

Key Verse: Philippians 4:13

I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

God says you and I can do everything, and anything needed for this life and victory in Him! Is that true? Do you believe it? Can you trust God’s opinion? If you have excused a sinful behavior with the words: “I just can’t help myself,” then you truly don’t trust God’s opinion. Next time you engage in a sinful behavior, I suggest telling yourself the truth: “I did it, not because I couldn’t help myself, but because I chose to.” Once we start telling ourselves the truth, the truth will start setting us free! When I say “I can’t,” that subconsciously tells me: “I’m not responsible for my actions. It’s beyond my ability.” These lies set us up for continued failure.

God’s opinion can be trusted and if we are going to be used of God, we must get our faith to this point. Today, whatever challenge you face, the truth is: You can do it. If your boss seems beyond reason and you struggle to treat him kindly, remember God’s opinion says: You can! If your finances are out of control and you feel buried with the heavy load, God’s opinion says: You can do it! If God keeps nudging you toward a ministry that seems beyond your capabilities, remember God’s opinion is: You can! If your children drive you crazy and you feel you can’t keep your anger under control, God’s opinion is: You can! If your spouse has disappointed you – one more time – and you feel you just can’t take it any longer, don’t forget God’s opinion: You can!

Father, the devil’s lies often fit my human feelings. Please help me to trust your opinions and resist the evil one’s schemes! In Jesus’ Name, amen.