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How to Hear From God

As we read the Bible with eager and open minds, we can hear God’s voice for our lives

Ways to Listen to God
The Purposes of God’s Vocal Cords – Part 1

Scripture Reading: 2 Timothy 3:16

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness

Using the same scripture that we did yesterday, we see God’s purposes for speaking. Our vocal cords have purposes, too many to name but a few. They can be used to encourage a sports team or prevent an accident. Our vocal cords can ask questions or give directions. The list of ways that we use our vocal cords can go on and on.

The Apostle Paul lists for young Timothy four purposes of God’s vocal cords. There would be many others, but let’s look at these four. First, God speaks through the Bible (His vocal cords) to teach us. God holds the wisdom of the ages, with the ability to see the future. Just these two facts should make us seek His teaching. As we read the Bible with eager and open minds, we can hear God’s voice for our lives. A daily, consistent reading of God’s Word will reward us with knowledge of how to live God’s way.

The next purpose Paul lists is rebuking. This is a strong word to show how God speaks to our sinfulness. God has an opinion on your daily behavior and He will express it! When we grieve Him by the way we live, talk or act, God rebukes us via the Bible. The Bible reprimands any child of God who lies, steals or acts immorally! God’s vocal cords are clear sounding when it comes to evil deeds, rage and anger, and all acts that belonged to our “old” life—pre-Christ. God speaks through the Bible to teach us and rebuke us when needed. Tomorrow we will look at two more purposes. For today, let’s determine to be “teachable” and obedient to His rebukes.

Father, I can hear you now; I’ll be listening today for more wisdom to live by. In Jesus’ Name, amen.