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The Abundant Life

As we learn to listen, we can hear God and see God at work in our lives

How to Hear from God
The Bit and Bridle

Scripture: Psalm 32:8

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;
I will counsel you and watch over you.

The Psalmist David is writing that the voice of God gives instruction and counsel to us. God is promising to show us the daily path we are to take as we walk with Him. We may struggle to see that it is God who is instructing us in the way that we should go, but He is – He promises. As we learn to listen, we can hear God and see God at work in our lives. It is a growing process, just like it is for our children who don’t understand as infants what they will understand as ten-year olds.

David writes a warning to us in the following verse. He tells us not to be like a horse or mule that must be controlled by a bit and bridle. God desires a relationship with us as a friend and brother. But some of His children just don’t want to listen. They must be led like a horse or mule, with a cold-steel bit to guide them. What kind of follower are you? When you sense that God has spoken, do you go and obey? Does God need to create a “bit or bridle” for you, to apply great pressure, to get your attention?

This month we are learning to hear from God. The first thing to remember is – it is God’s desire and responsibility to speak in ways that we will hear. God knows how to get through to us. We want to learn how to make that an easy thing in our lives. We want to listen with great intention so we can hear God whisper His “life-giving” words to our lives.

Father, I want to hear you today. Forgive me if I’m talking too much. You have the ‘floor.’ In Jesus’ Name, amen.