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How to be Led by God

Though it seems to us like it is taking a lot of time, God doesn’t work on our timetable

Ask and Wait
The Art of Waiting

Scripture: Psalm 130:5

I wait for the Lord, my soul waits,
and in his word I put my hope.

The Psalmist David, like all good writers, wrote these Psalms from his heart which was shaped by his life. He was not writing from an academic, head knowledge. He lived what he wrote… he experienced and practiced what he put on paper. Over the years of walking with God, David had learned the art of waiting. He understood that most of his requests to God involved other people and God’s overall purposes for mankind. Many times, God is working on several people as well as several circumstances to bring about the perfect answer to our prayers. Though it seems to us like it is taking a lot of time, God doesn’t work on a timetable.

Waiting on the Lord’s direction is not easy for most Christ followers. Let’s look at a few of the things that come “natural” to us. First, we are good at asking for direction from God and then quickly moving in the direction we wanted in the first place. Second, we are good at going in the direction we want then asking God for His help when things are not turning out the way we hoped. Third, we are good at “knee jerk” reactions – leaving even the “asking” in the dust. Finally, sometimes we are good at asking all our friends their opinions – long before we think of asking God.

Let me challenge all of us to learn to be better at waiting on the Lord. That assumes asking Him – first, and then giving God time to reveal an answer to us. When God sees His children sincerely seeking His direction, He knows how to make His will clear to each of us!

Father, I am determined to learn to wait on you and your direction for my life. Help my faith and courage in this process. In Jesus’ Name, amen.