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Getting Good with Change

As Christ-followers, change demands a plan; our first reaction should be: Seek the Lord!

Change Demands a Plan
God’s Final Answer

Scripture Reading: Luke 1:32-38

Key Verse: Luke 1:34

“How will this be,” Mary asked the angel, “since I am a virgin?”

It is no surprise that Mary had questions. She was being told by an angel that she soon would be pregnant. Mary was not married, and she was a virgin. Real issues when it comes to pregnancy! So, Mary did what we all should do when we have questions: seek the Lord’s answers. God had a plan; Mary asked to see it. There is no doubt that she only got a glimpse, at this point, of the whole plan. It was all she needed for the moment! Any more of the plan and I’m sure it would have overwhelmed her.

When change comes upon you, what is your first reaction? If you are like me (and most), our first reaction is negative. We “fill up” with questions and concerns and it overflows our minds. We can become consumed with worry and fretting over all the details of this new slice of life that has come upon us! Maybe a second reaction, for many of us, is to talk to all our friends (and anyone else who will listen) about these terrible changes that plague us. Maybe you simply feel paralyzed with fear and say with Mary: “How can this be?”

        As Christ-followers, change in our lives demands a plan, and our first reaction should be: seek the Lord. What plan is God working out in our lives? If we truly trust Him, our prayers shouldn’t be so much to change the plan, but to find God’s plan and chase after it. Let’s ask “what,” not “why” questions.

Father, changes make me nervous. Please grant me peace during transition periods of my life! I do trust your love and I do want your plan! I pray all this In Jesus’ Name, amen.