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Lessons from Luke

We can’t fix all the suffering of the world, but we can help fix that one who comes across our path

The Kingdom’s Action Plan – Part II

Key Verse: Luke 10:37

The man replied, “the one who showed him mercy”. Then Jesus said, “Yes, now go and do the same”.

Additional Reading: Luke 10:25-37

Today we’ll look at the second part of the Kingdom’s Action Plan for every believer’s life: showing mercy to all those around us and to those we encounter.

We learn this from a parable that Jesus tells an expert of the Jewish law. The Jewish expert doesn’t really ask the question from a sincere heart. Luke 10:25 tells us that he was there to test Jesus. The question that the Jewish expert on the law does give us insight into the Kingdom action plan, despite his insincerity.

Most of us are familiar with Jesus’s parable of the “Good Samaritan”. A Jewish man was traveling from Jerusalem to Jericho. He was attacked by bandits, stripped of his clothes, beaten, and left half dead by the roadside.

A Jewish priest came by the scene but simply crossed over to the other side of the road and kept moving. A Jewish temple assistant, also came by, went over to the half dead Jewish man, and took a closer look. But instead of helping, he also kept moving to his destination.

Note that at this point, the man needing help was a Jew and the two that passed him by were Jews. Jesus was making a point that these two Jews that passed him by should have been the very ones to help the man, especially since he was a fellow Jew.

However, as Jesus continues the parable, it was a “despised” Samaritan that came by and decided to stop and help! Remember, the reason Jesus referred to this him as despised is because the Jews of that day hated these half-Jew, half-gentile Samaritans. Yet, this Samaritan was the very one that spent time and money to help this poor man.

Jesus’s Kingdom Action Plan is that His followers, whenever they can, are to help those in need! Jesus wanted everyone to know that “loving your neighbor as yourself” means helping anyone no matter their nationality. We can’t fix all the suffering of the world, but we can help fix that ONE who comes across our path and that God lays on our hearts!

Let’s determine to be open and sensitive to the Spirit’s impressions in our hearts, when it comes to the needs we see. Let’s be willing to help the hurt as God directs us!

Father, there are so many hurting people around me, and I can become numb to them. Please awaken my spirit to the one that you want me to help. Give me wisdom on how best to help them. I asked this in Jesus’s Name, amen.